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On this page visitors can register to get access to the portal with a login ID. Logged in users not only see the public content, but can publish content themselves and perform social network communications, and much more.
Modes of registration
Registration is possible with an eMail address, or anonymously (then do not fill in the eMail field). You may also have received an invitation code, which can then be entered with the eMail address. The link above the eMail field allows you to enter the invitation code.
Registration procedure
For logins after a successful registration, a separate password must be set. To be on the safe side, enter it twice with identical values, because it will not be displayed. The password is to be kept secret and is only intended for the user's own use. Anonymously registered users receive an automatically assigned ID, and should not forget their own password because, unlike eMail registration, there is initially no reset function. Depending on the configuration of the hub instance, a confirmation function may be required. Users of the eMail registration will receive a corresponding message. For anonymous registrations, another dialog will be displayed showing the access ID and a pin. This dialog page should be stored securely and for a long time (e.g. by printout, screenshot, photo), because the data must be confirmed again at a later point in time.
The Digital Identity
Depending on the configuration of the hub instance, a displayable name and a nickname can already be entered during registration (alternatively also during the first login). The nickname has a very extensive meaning and cannot be changed later. It is a unique Digital Identity (DID) that is, will be, and remains linked to all of one's activities. This DID is not only suitable for logging into this hub instance, but also into all connected instances of the federal network. In federal network parlance, this digital identity is a "channel". This is comparable to a telephone number in the telephone network. The DID has the format channel@instance.tld = nickname@instance.tld and, as mentioned, cannot be changed afterwards. Although the format looks like an eMail address, it is not.
Before starting the registration ...
... the preferred language (English, Spanish, German, for example) should be selected (top right in the hamburger menu ). The current language is used in the subsequent steps and also during and after login. However, this can be changed at any time and as needed. It should also be noted that this Hub instance is not the only one. An overview of other Hub instances can be found here .
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Real name is preferred
Your nickname will be used to create an easy to remember channel address